Baby & Child Photography Information

Child sessions capture beautiful images at any age and stage of your little one's life. Baby Milestone sessions capture a babies proudest accomplishments, tummy time, sitting up and birthdays!  Each session can be held in your home or on location. 





Two outfits are always recommended for any type of photo session, in case the first gets messy.  Be sure to choose clothing that is comfortable and easy for the baby to wear and that they are comfortable in.  Teething babies should be changed into their special outfit right before the session to prevent drool spots. Colors that are soft and neutral always look best.  Avoid outfits with a lot of detail or prints, that way the focus is on the baby, not the clothing. 



Day of the Session  


My goal is for children to have fun during the session so I can capture their real smiles!  I get parents involved and have playtime while I capture beautiful images.  We will use the session location (home/park/beach) as the backdrop.  



Older Siblings


Older siblings are welcome to join the baby for a couple of photos.  Please bring toys to keep older siblings entertained during the session when they are not being photographed. Two adults are recommended for photo sessions with older children present.  






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