Family Photography Information

Children and Family sessions can be held at home, in your backyard or on location at a park or beach.  I always suggest having the photo session during sunrise for a beach and outdoor session so we can get beautiful images of your family without too many distractions, it will be worth waking up early, trust me!   I have a few tried and true locations so please contact me if you need ideas of where the session should take place.




Clothing for photo sessions is up to you, you can be as fancy or casual as you like! My only suggestion is to wear what everyone is comfortable in so everyone is relaxed during the shoot, this is especially true for little children.  Also, avoid logos, text, and clashing colors.


Day of the Photo Session


During the shoot, my goal for you and your family is to have fun, relax and enjoy this special experience!   Just think about spending time together as a family and reflect on this moment in your life, please don’t worry about looking “picture perfect,”  you already are and it’s my job to show you exactly that.  Children will be given lots of opportunities to run and play to keep them from getting bored or restless.  Please arrive on time for your session, especially during sunrise shoots as arriving too late will reduce the amount of shooting time available to you. 


If you have any questions regarding your family photo session please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help!

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